Members of PoltextLAB attended a conference of the COMPTEXT international text mining network in Dublin from 6 to 7

The head of poltextLAB presented his latest results on empirical text mining of legislation, including research on the legislative

The new article by Miklós Sebők, Bálint György Kubik, Csaba Molnár, István Járay and Anna Székely (Measuring legislative stability:

The workshop tried to find answers to questions about what kind of language tools we have in the market

The new article by Tomaž Erjavec, Maciej Ogrodniczuk et al. (Orsolya Ring): The ParlaMint corpora of parliamentary proceedings is

The new article by Miklós Sebők, Ágnes M. Balázs and Csaba Molnár (Punctuated equilibrium and progressive friction in socialist