Members of PoltextLAB attended a conference of the COMPTEXT international text mining network in Dublin from 6 to 7

The head of poltextLAB presented his latest results on empirical text mining of legislation, including research on the legislative

A new article by Miklós Sebők, Bálint György Kubik, Csaba Molnár, István Járay and Anna Székely was published in published

On 7 February 2022, Miklós Sebők participated inthe third European Language Resource Coordination workshop in Hungary. The workshop tried

The new article by Tomaž Erjavec, Maciej Ogrodniczuk et al. (Orsolya Ring): The ParlaMint corpora of parliamentary proceedings is

A new article was published in the Journal of Public Policy by Miklós Sebők, Ágnes M. Balázs and Csaba Molnár.