CAP babel machine

The CAP BABEL Project use the Comparative Agendas Project policy codebook’s major topics to identify the policy areas of texts.

The codes we assigned are unequivocal, mutually exclusive, and cover all potential policy issues. The codebook distinguishes 21 major policy areas: macroeconomics, civil rights, health, agriculture, labour, education, environment, energy, immigration, transportation, law and crime, social welfare, housing, domestic commerce, defence, technology, foreign trade, international affairs, government operations, public lands and culture.

You can upload you datasets here for automatic CAP-coding.

The upload requires to fill the following form on metadata regarding the dataset. We kindly ask you to upload both your dataset and codebook. The ideal setup of variables in the dataset follows a given mandatory order starting with id, year, major_topic, and text.
You can add any own variables following them. Automatic processing
requires to follow these rules. The explanation of the form and the dataset requirement is available here.

Updating a pre-validated sample is optional, but it accelerates the automatic coding process. If you do not update a pre-validated sample, you are asked to do a post-validation to get the coded dataset. The detailed rules of validations are available here.